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With the mobile app Playtrip, travelling becomes a unique experience. Find out stories related to itineraries in your destination or city.

What is Playtrip?

The digital storytelling mobile app

Playtrip is a mobile app that enables to follow a tourist itinerary through the narration of a story. A solution that combines the suggestion of travel storytelling with the added convenience of a mobile solution.

Are you tired with the classical and clichéd tourist guides? Tourism mobile app are not able to convey emotions? With Playtrip you can live new destinations in an innovative way. Otherwise, you will be able to discover aspects of your hometown which you could even imagine!

With Playtrip, your traveler experience will reach a new level of engagement which will allow you to live the territory like never before.

Playtrip links travel storytelling to new mobile technologies, also with an innovative component: the augmented reality.

Together with multimedia contents that you will find in the stories there will also be augmented reality objects which will enable you to live an even more interesting travel experience! Did we entice your curiosity? Well start right now to live the Playtrip travel experience.

The first step is download the app on your smartphone!

Download Playtrip

To get started with Playtrip, it is enough to download the app for free from Apple Store or Google Playtrip. Playtrip will in fact be available on both iOS and Android version. Once the app is downloaded, it will be required the creation of a user account; alternatively, it is possible to login through your own Facebook or Instagram profile. Playtrip is fully free and always will be.

Discover a new travel experience

Travel; live; share your emotions

Once you have downloaded Playtrip on your smartphone, you are ready to begin the adventure!

First time with Playtrip?

Don’t worry: a simple video tutorial will help you familiarize with the app in less than a minute. It will naturally feel like you have always used it and it will permanently hook you up.

A library full of stories

Playtrip owns an entire library of stories related to specific itineraries; you can choose your favorite by browsing among the various categories. You can also set research filters or ask the app to automatically filter stories based on your geographical location.

Download the preview

Once you have chosen the story, you can always try a preview and if it convinces you, purchase directly through the app. The purchase transactions are safe and reliable thanks to PayPal. If you want to first try the Playtrip experience you can start with some free stories that we made available for you.

A precise itinerary

Playtrip stories take place on a specific itinerary which has to be completed in order to follow the progress of the stories! Through the app you will be able to access to exclusive multimedia contents which will allow you to make new discoveries, provide useful information and will actively engage through call-to-action

Share your story

Through Playtrip you will share your experience’s pictures and publish them on Instagram, hence to let your friend and followers to chase your adventure!

Get points

By completing the stories or some actions, you will score Playtrip points (PTP) which can be used to purchase new stories or to unlock contents within.
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Digital Storytelling

Playtrip is based on the Digital Storytelling principles: we like to consider it as a new narrative strategy which allows people to tell and live their stories with a gripping and interactive engagement through the use of technological devices and the fruition of multimedia contents.

Meet the storytellers of Playtrip

The author of an app built on storytelling…is a storyteller! Playtrip offers the opportunity to face a new narrative method that defies the limits of creativity imposed by paper: an innovative editorial platform which enriches stories with multimedia contents, by initiating cooperation between creatives.

The Playtrip company

Behind Playtrip there is a young company with a vision:

Use the potential of mobile technology to renew the classical publishing industry.

Matteo Scarpellini

Founder Playtrip

Stefano D’Albora

Founder Playtrip

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